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PHK positions itself as a social impact product distributor.


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PICS hermetic storage bag

The PICS bag is a three-layer storage technology that keeps grain free from insect infestation for more than two years. The bags protect crops by reducing the flow of oxygen which is needed for the existence and reproduction of insects.

PICS bag is a safe, simple to use, and chemical-free storage system that is affordable for the smallholder and eliminates the need for the traditional use of insecticides being applied to the grain during storage.

Vegetable Seed

PHK Trading and it's sister company Shayashone Trading PLC imports a nd distributes Easi- Seeds to farmers across Ethiopia. PHK offers both standard and hybrid vegetable seed to small holders to enhance their productivity on average yearly. Our agriculture business team is dedicated to insist farmers to leverage the maximum potential of our seed through physical and virtual extension.

Poultry Premix (Concenrate Premix)

Our company PHK Trading plc with its sister company Shayashone Trading has come up with new products for growing and improving poultry sectors. In partnership with Trouw nutrition (a Nutreco company), Shayashone has started importing and distributing high-quality layers and rearing poultry concentrate premixes.

Livestock and Poultry Vaccines

Recently our sister company, Shayashone has started importing livestock and poultry vaccine from Zoetis: the world’s leading animal health company. PHK has been the sole distributor of the vaccines, helping deliver the best quality vaccines to poultry farmers in Ethiopia.

Our Export Products

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Spices and Herbs


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Oilseeds and pulses


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PICS bags


PHK Trading PLC

PHK Trading PLC is an Ethiopian distribution company affiliated to Shayashone. PHK Trading was established in 2017 as a sole distributor of PICS Bags in Ethiopia. The PICS bags are chemical free storage technology that protects crop from any insect attack. The bags are innovated by Purdue University and the trademark is currently operated worldwide by PICS Global. PHK is the sole authorized distributor of PICS bags in Ethiopia.

Currently in PHK

Not only do we distribute PICS hermetic storage bags but also have expanded its horizon in multiple agro-input products. And one of these products is EASI seed. PHK’s sister company SYS imports vegetable seeds from a South African EASI seed (European Africa seed initiatives) Ltd and has started importing and commencing vegetable seeds with intention of growing the agriculture sector and changing the lives of Ethiopian farmers. The sole distributor of this product is PHK trading PLC.



SYS-PICS is an app dedicated to purchase and learn about PICS bag in Ethiopia. You will be able to get up to date information on different activities related to PICS bag. If you’re a registered vendor you can order PICS and PHK bags and follow up your orders. You can also contact the company directly from the app.


PHK is the sole authorized distributor of PICS bags in Ethiopia.

PHK owns a network of 400 regional vendors and over 350 youth resellers connected to the regional vendors. PHK position itself as a social impact product distributor.